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原野 守弘 プロフィール

株式会社もり 代表/クリエイティブディレクター
原野 守弘(はらのもりひろ)
Morihiro Harano, Creative Director / Founder, Mori Inc.

「OK Go: I Won't Let You Down」「NTT Docomo: 森の木琴」「Honda. Great Journey.」「Polaリクルートフォーラム」「日本は、義理チョコをやめよう。Godiva」などを手がける。TED: Ads Worth Spreading、MTV Video Music Awards、D&AD Yellow Pencil、カンヌ国際広告祭 金賞、One Show 金賞、Spikes Asia グランプリ、AdFest グランプリ、ACC グランプリ、TCC 金賞、ADC 金賞、広告電通賞 最優秀賞、グッドデザイン賞 金賞、Penクリエイターアワード2017など、内外で受賞多数。
D&AD会員、NY ADC会員。2013年 D&AD 審査委員長、カンヌ国際広告祭 Innovation部門 審査員、2012年 カンヌ国際広告祭 T&I部門 審査員、Spikes Asia審査委員長、グッドデザイン賞 審査員。大阪芸術大学 客員教授。英国・Campaign誌の「The World's Leading Independent Agencies 2014」にも選出された。

Morihiro Harano is a multi-talented creative director with stellar achievements not only in advertising but also in new business development, strategy, product design and media initiatives. Joining Dentsu in 1994, Harano was committed to helping the agency’s digital subsidiaries with their digital initiatives. After leaving Dentsu, Harano helped a media startup to conclude a successful IPO, following which, he returned to Dentsu to launch Drill, a non-traditional creative agency. In 2011, he co-founded PARTY and led it to win the Independent Agency of the Year at Spikes Asia 2012. Soon after, in 2012, he founded Mori Inc., which is selected as ‘The World's Leading Independent Agencies 2014’ by Campaign UK.
His works include, among others, ‘OK Go: I Won't Let You Down’, ‘NTTDocomo: Xylophone’, ‘Honda. Great Journey.’, ‘Pola Dots’ and ‘Menicon: Magic’. Harano is a consistent award winner at home and abroad and has received to date a multitude of awards such as TED: Ads Worth Spreading, MTV VMA, D&AD Yellow Pencil, Cannes Gold Lions, One Show Gold Pencils and the Grands Prix at Spikes Asia and AdFest.
He has also served as a judge and a jury president for numerous awards including D&AD (2013: the foreman for Mobile), Cannes Lions (2013: Innovation / 2012: T&I / 2009: Design) and Spikes Asia (2012: the jury president for Digital/Mobile).


D&AD - Graphite Pencil X1, Wood Pencil X1
One Show - Bronze X1, Merit X2
New York ADC - Merit X2
TCC Award - Jury President Award

D&AD - Yellow Pencil X1, Wood Pencil X1
One Show - Gold X2, Silver X1, Bronze X4
Cannes Lions - Bronze X1
New York ADC - Bronze X1
Creative Review - The Annual 2017
ADFEST - Silver X1, Bronze X4, Shortlist X2
TOPAWARDS Asia - Top3+1
Nikkei Advertising Awards - Grand Prix
Transit Advertising Awards 2017 - Grand Prix
Pen Creator Awards 2017

Cannes Lions - Gold X1
Andy Award - Gold X1
Nikkei Advertising Awards - Gold X1

MTV Video Music Awards - Best Choreography
YouTube Music Awards
Berlin Music Video Awards
Space Shower Music Video Awards - Special Prize
New York City Drone Film Festival - The Best of X-Factor
Newport Beach Film Festival
Webby Awards - Nominee
D&AD - Wood Pencil X1
Cannes Lions - Bronze X3, Finalist X5
One Show - Gold X1, Silver X1, Bronze X3
LIA - Silver X1, Bronze X3
Spikes Asia - Gold X3, Silver X1, Bronze X1
ADFEST - Grand Prix X1, Gold X1, Silver X2, Bronze X1
FWA - Site of the Day
ACC CM Festival - Grand Prix
Good Design Award
Japan Magazine Advertising Awards - Gold
Code Awards - Best Craft
The 1st World Omosiroi Award

Campaign Magazine - World’s Leading Independent Agencies 2014
17th Environmental Communication Awards - Grand Prix
Cannes Lions - Bronze X1, Finalist X1
ADFEST - Gold X1
Galaxy Award - Gold
ACC CM Festival - Gold
Tokyo ADC Award - Gold
TCC Award - Gold
Transit Advertising Awards - Gold
The 63rd Nikkei Advertising Awards 2014

ACC CM Festival - Gold
Transit Advertising Awards - Gold x2
Japan Package Design Awards - Gold

TED: Ads Worth Spreading 2012
D&AD - Nomination X2
Cannes Lions - Gold X3, Silver X1, Finalist X1
One Show Design - Gold
One Show Entertainment - Silver
CLIO - Gold X1, Silver X2, Bronze X1
Andy Awards - Bronze
Spikes Asia - Grand Prix, Gold x3, Silver X4, Bronze X3
ADFEST - Gold X6, Silver X3, Bronze X1
TIAA - Gold X1, Special Award X1
Good Design Award

Creativity - The Best TVC of 2011
Good Design Award - Gold
Cannes Lions - Gold X2, Silver X1
Spikes Asia - Gold X2, Bronze X1
ACC CM Festival - Gold

D&AD - Volcanic Pencil
Cannes Lions - Bronze X1, Finalist X1
One Show Interactive - Silver
Dentsu Advertising Awards - Best of Category & Gold
Transit Advertising Awards - Gold
TIAA - Finalist

D&AD - Yellow Pencil
Cannes Lions - Silver X1, Bronze X1, Finalist X1
Spikes Asia - Finalist
Dentsu Advertising Awards - Best of Category
Newspaper Advertising Prize - Best of Category
ACC CM Festival - Silver X1, Bronze X1


One Show - Jury
Ciclope Festival - Jury
Webby Awards - Jury

Andy Awards - Jury
Webby Awards - Jury

Webby Awards - Jury
Aichi Ad Awards - Jury

Andy Awards - Jury
London International Advertising Awards - Jury

D&AD - Foreman (Mobile)
Cannes Lions - Jury (Innovation)
AD STAR - Executive Jury

Cannes Lions - Jury (Titanium & Integrated)
Spikes Asia - Jury President (Digital & Mobile)
Spikes Asia - Jury (Integrated)
Japan Good Design Award - Special Jury

Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards - Jury

D&AD - Jury (Mobile)
AdFest - Jury (Cyber)

Cannes Lions - Jury (Design)

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